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Friday, June 8, 2007

Movement in Dhikr

Another Issue in dhikr which is made controversial by the pseudo-salafis is that of the action of moving during dhikr majalis. As always, they will deem such things as innovation and deviant. Is it true?

Movement in Dhikr

Allah s.w.t. says :

Al-Ladheena YadhkuroonAllah Qiyamau Wa Qu'oo Daw Wa'Ala Junoo Biheem.
"Those who remember Allah, while standing and sitting and lying.
(Al-Imran 191)

Thus, there is no argument as to the permissibility of different positions in dhikr.

Is it permissible to move about while doing dhikr?
According to our Sacred Law, there isn't any problem in it as proven by a narration by Imam Ahmad in his Musnad and also by Al-Hafiz Al-Maqdisi from Anas r.a. :

"Ka natil Habashah YarQusoona Bayna Yaday Rasulullah Sallalahu 'alaihi wasallam, wayaquloon bikalimeen lahoom, Muhammadun 'Abdun Salih, Faqala Sallallahu 'Alaihi wasallam : Madha Yaquloon, Faqeela Innahum Yaquloon : Muhammad 'Abdun Saleeh. Falamma Raahim fi Tilkal Halah Lam Yunkir 'Alaihim Wa Aqarrahum 'Ala Dhalik"

"Once, the Abyssinians were dancing in front of the Messenger of Allāh sallallāhu `alahi wa-sallam , saying in their language: ‘Muhammad is a righteous servant.' He sallallāhu `alahi wa-sallam said: "What are they saying?" It was said: "[They are saying] Muhammad is a righteous servant." When he saw them in that state, he did not censure them. Rather, he approved of their act."

As we know, whatever that is approved by the prophet s.a.w. will remain valid until Yaumul Qiyamah. Here we have clear evidence of him approving salawat which is also a form of dhikr while it is done with dancing(or jumping up and down).

Below is an extract from :

Movement during dhikr
We have already mentioned above the version of the hadith of Muslim whereby the Prophet praised the mufarridun or those who are single-minded in their remembrance of Allah: Nawawi said: Another narration has: "They are those who shake or are moved at the mention or remembrance of Allah (hum al-ladhina ihtazzu fi dhikrillah), that is, they have become fervently devoted and attached to His remembrance."

Imam Habib al-Haddad said in Key to the Garden (p. 116):

Dhikr returns from the outward feature which is the tongue to the inward which is the heart, in which it becomes solidly rooted, so that it takes firm hold of its members. The sweetness of this is tasted by the one who has taken to dhikr with the whole of himself, so that his skin and heart are softened. As Allah said: "Then their skins and their hearts soften to the remembrance of Allah" (39:23).

The "softening of the heart" consists in the sensitivity and timidity that come as a result of nearness and tajalli [manifestation of one or more divine attributes]. Sufficient is it to have Allah as one's intimate companion!

As for the "softening of the skin." this is the ecstasy and swaying from side to side which result from intimacy and manifestation, or from fear and awe. No blame attaches to someone who has reached this rank if he sways and chants, for in the painful throes of love and passion he finds something which arouses the highest yearning....

The exhortation provided by fear and awe brings forth tears and forces one to tremble and be humble. These are the states of the righteous believers (abrar) when they hear the Speech and dhikr of Allah the Exalted. "Their skins shiver" (39:23), and then soften with their hearts and incline to dhikr of Him, as they are covered in serenity and dignity, so that they are neither frivolous, pretentious, noisy, or ostentatious.

There is no shubuhat about the issue of moving during dhikr among Ahl Sunnah Wal Jama'ah. The above clarification is for those who have been confused by the salafi movement.
For further clarification about the issue refer to this link by Al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir Isa Al-Halabi

Wallahu'alam Bisawab

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